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Monday, June 14, 2010

A day with Owen!

One day last week I spent the day in Savannah with Gini & Owen! He is such a chunk and I just had to post these pics & video clip of him eating a pickle! Warning: This video contains scenes that may cause some serious "Cute Overload!"


Owen said...

That was a fun day Aunt Tiffy! We loved browsing the fruit at Fresh Market. Attn shoppers: Wash your peaches!!

Deirdre said...

Tiffany, so Fun, he is just ADORABLE. I have an Owen too! but it's spelt the Irish way - EOIN! totally confused everyone in Chicago when he was born!!! lots of vowels!!!!... thankfully we didn't do the gaelic spelling... EOGHAN!!!!

He is just precious. TFS

Virginia L. said...

CUTE overload is right!! Owen is ADORABLE yet so polite... it's clear he is not thrilled about pickles, yet he managed to smile at everything... what a SWEETIE!

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