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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Applying Copics to Make up!!

I hope you enjoy the new digi stamp set I released yesterday... Make up! I wanted to share a little bit about how I colored these digis blending 2 different copic colors from 2 different families. You see how the purple and blues run together? Well to achieve this look I used the feathering technique as opposed to the saturation blending technique.
Oh, you like my silver mirror on my compact too? I'll get to that in a sec! First let's talk about the coloring! =) Let's start with the lipstick! I used RV14,13 for the pink lipstick.  Y17,15 for the gold tube. Finally I used B02, B63 & B66 for the feathering technique.  I started by feathering the B02 from the bottom upward, not worrying about saturating the paper.  Next, I used B63 and feathered from the top toward the middle.   The 2 colors started blending nicely in the middle after several layers of this "swishing".  I then used a little touch of B66 for the darker parts of the purple area.

I used the same array of colors for the mascara, & perfume you'll see below.

On the perfume bottle I added a couple more blues to the mix, B05, & B04. I used the same feathering technique with several layers.

Same colors used on the compact, but for the shiny mirror I used "making memories" paint effects kit (silver). I first colored the mirror with a cool gray copic C3. Then used a little paint brush and painted several layers of the metallic silver paint, drying between each layer.

Then finally the nail polish bottle! There are so many possibilities for coloring this one! I used RV29,25,14,13 & Y17,15 for the cap. Wouldn't it be pretty to coat this bottle with your crystal 3D laquer? Oh, you could even put your own "label" on the bottle!! Neato! I'd love to see what you do with it!!


donna mikasa said...

Love your "feathering" technique! Such a cute set of cosmetics, too!

Lindsay Weirich said...

the feathering technique is cool, I will be bugging you about it in the digstampinggroup:)

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