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Monday, February 15, 2010

Want more freebies?

Freebie #1: I will make a special freebie only for the members of my group - Tiffany Doodles - over at Paper Craft Planet once my membership reaches 50!! We are already halfway there! So head on over and join the group!! Tiffany Doodles - PCP group!

Freebie #2: I will make another freebie once I get 100 followers to my blog here at Tiffany's Garden! So, go ahead an follow me over in the left column!

Freebie #3: I will also make another freebie once I get 100 followers to my store at Tiffany Doodles! So head over there and follow my store too!!

So, if you like my freebies and digi stamps... help spread the word!! Your efforts are very much appreciated!

Here are my links for reference:
My PCP group:
My Blog:
My Store:


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