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Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Pink Sweaters!

I hadn't shared any pics of my babies in a while so I thought I would do so tonight! These are their new pink sweaters!

Francie is holding the "sacred" pink puff! This is their treasured toy. Francie doesn't particularly like to share it with Emma but she will. It goes everywhere with them - even when we go outside! If for some reason she forgets it on our way back inside. I can say (spoken in a high-pitched very excited voice!) "Francie, go get your puff! Get that puff Francie!" and she will look all around in the area where she is standing for it. Finally, I have to point her in the right direction & she will eventually find it!

I LOVE my new couch covers!  I got 2 queen size quilt-like comforters from TJ Maxx to throw over my couch in my studio!! The colors are so fun & inspiring!!


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