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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Copic Tutorial - Feathering the Prickly Pod

Copics used: R89, R85, R83, G99, BG96, BG93, E49
Prismacolor Pencils: Tuscan Red,Magenta, Mahogany Red, Clay Rose, Dark Green, Marine Green, Blender
For this example I used one of my own Digi Stamps! Prickly Pod I wanted the colors to be dark and muted so I started with R89 for the darker shaded part and filled in around the bottom left edge. (My light source is coming from the top right!) When I say "filled in" what I'm really saying is I "swished" the color from the bottom upward.
With my next color, R85, I also swished my color into the darker R89 along the same curve. Sort of "feathering" them together. I didn't use the traditional copic blending technique.
For my lightest color I used, R83, and swished it into the color below. Then filled in the rest of the top of the flower pod. I went over the flower 2 more times... swishing!

Next, for the leaves I started with the darker shade, G99, and filled in the area at the base of the leaves.

The midtone I used was BG96 and I filled in the middle area of the leaves.

For the light shade, I used BG93 for the tips of the leaves. Then E49 for the stem.

Once I was finished with my Copics, I decided to add more contrast and blending by using my Prismacolor Pencils! For the flower pod I used Tuscan Red for the darkest parts then graduated to Magenta and Mahongany Red, and Clay Rose for the lightest part. For the leaves I used Dark Green & Marine Green. See 2 pics below for before & after to compare the added contrast of the Prismacolor Pencils.
You can buy this digi stamp from Tiffany Doodles!


Amy said...

Stumbled on your it. Love the prisma overlays. I have been wanting to try this maybe I will clean up my studio and try it this weekend. Your flower turned out beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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