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Friday, February 12, 2010

Matchbox Mini Dresser!

I just recently made a gift to send my sister! A cute tiny little Matchbox Dresser with all kinds of "mini" items to fill the drawers!! I also made template to go with this project!

You will need:
  • Pretty paper 8.5x11 - can be double sided but doesn't have to be
  • 10 Little Matchboxes
  • My Matchbox Template - to hold the drawers
  • 10 Beads for handles
  • 10 metal crimp beads - you can get a pack in the bead section at Hobby Lobby for 1.47
  • Invisible beading string - or fishing line
  • Score Tape
  • Glue
  • Seed Beeds - for top of dresser
  • Embroidery Thread - any color
  • Paper Piercer
  • Beading Needle

Empty out all of your matches and put in a ziplock baggie and save for later use. But remember, never play with fire!! =)

Here is the template for the dresser to hold your matchbox drawers! The zip file contains a PDF & PNG.

Cut and Score template. Use score tape and fold down the 4 outer tabs.  Adhere the other tabs to their neighboring sides.

You can see the finished outer shell of the dresser in this pic below.

Cut drawers fronts that are larger than the actual drawer. See pic. So that the paper will cover the drawer of the matchbox.

Do the same for all 10 drawers.

You can see how the front paper panel for the drawers needs to be cut large enough to cover the whole matchbox.

Use a Paper Piercer to poke a hole for the drawer handle. Insert your line; put your bead on and bring line back through the hole.

Next string a crimp bead on the back of your drawer handle. Using your chain nose pliers - Mash it! That bead ain't going nowhere!  Then cut your string.

Now you have a pretty handle! Finish all of your drawers!

Now, cut a piece of paper to fit the top of your dresser real snug. Use your paper piercer to poke holes around the edges. String your embroidery thread and go around the edges adding your beads! Mel is my beading idol!!

Now have fun filling your drawers with all kinds of mini items. The silver tea set and the 2 matching picture frames I got from Hobby Lobby in the doll furniture section. The small frame in the middle came from the jewelry section and it's a small charm where you add your own photo. Then I used some 24 gauge wire to make the stand for it. I added 2 photos of my sisters cats, Annabelle (mom) & Jazzabelle (daughter). It is with great sadness that sweet Annabelle had to leave this earth last month (jan 26, 2010) after 20 wonderful years of being a part of our family. That is mainly the reason for this little gift for my sister.

These tiny glass animals I found in a little gift shop and thought they were toooo cute!  I've been buying these for my sister for a few years, just adding to the collection from time to time.  The lemonade and glasses came from the dollhouse section at Hobby Lobby.

I filled the drawers with a few other items for my sister including a little poem that I wrote for Annabelle. And some jewelry that I made for her as well.


Anonymous said...

Well that is just the sweetest thing! Great how-to tiffany:)

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Tiffany
Just found your blog and became a follower so I dont miss anymore of these great tutorials, love this, just have to go and buy some match boxes, your blog page is gorgeous.
Christine x

Tiffany said...

I'm so glad ya'll are enjoying it!

Donna E. said...

wow this is totally beautiful!!! tfs! love those miniatures!

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