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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hummingbird Rescue!

Yet another bird rescue event! This tiny Ruby Throated Hummingbird was trapped inside my garden shed. Even with the doors wide open he wouldn't go that direction. I do believe he had some kind of injury b/c he landed in an empty planter and couldn't manage to fly back out, although he tried.

So I picked up the planter and took it outside thinking he would just fly away when he saw the sky. He didn't. So, I picked him up and managed to get this pic of me holding him before he flew off into the woods. I sure hope he is doing alright!


Chatterbox said...

Amazing pictures.
You've got a very beautiful blog.Loved the colourful layout and mesmerising presentation.

Keep up the wonderful work,I'd love to visit often.


Sue said...

What a lovely blog, you've put a smile on my face!

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