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Monday, April 27, 2009


I am a big hosta fan! They are bulbs and that is my favorite kind of gardening! Because you plant them once and they come back every year! Hostas grow great in really shady areas and last from spring until fall. They can take a little bit of morning sunlight only. They are grown for their beautiful leaves. They do have blooms during summer, but they are not that spectacular so I choose to clip them off and let the nutrients go to leaves instead. Afterall, I love them for their leaves! I purchased all of my hostas last year in 3 gallon buckets pretty much already grown. I planted them in some shady spots. This spring when they came up... where I planted 1 plant, 5 to 7 shoots came up in it's place!! I'm sure, as with most bulbs, after a couple years I will need to dig them up and divide them. But it's worth it because it's like getting FREE plants!!

Here a few of my hostas... excuse the powdery 7-dust on the leaves but if I don't keep them dusted something will have a buffet on them at night.

This first one is called "Paul's Glory" (I think!)

This beauty is called "Sum & Substance" This is one of the giant hosta varieties. These leaves can reach a foot across!! I can't wait!!

I don't know the name of this one.. anyone have an idea? Faye?? =)

This one is called "Francie" (again, I think)


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