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Monday, March 09, 2009

My Garden Shed

I spent the day in my Garden Shed putting out some plants (that I hope made it through the winter) and will start growing soon!

In this shot you can see my chevy tailgate bench that David made for me! I love that! I love his creativity!

I'm sure all of my little trinkets and what-nots are not in their final positions. I'll probably always be moving stuff around! That's what makes it fun! Who know what things will look like by the end of the summer!

In this photo you can see where the water drains through that pipe out of my sink. I can simply put a plant right below that for a little water! "Waste not, want not", that's what Granny always says!

I love going in Hobby Lobby to find unique little planters! Like this shoe! Perfect for a pretty little succulent!

They also have tons of garden signs! I only buy when everything is 50% off, which is all the time!! I love that store!


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