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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hoe Cakes - or Lacey Cornbread

That's how their known to most southerners. It so good and crunchy! There is a technique to get it that way! Takes practice! I studied for years under Granny!

Plain yellow cornmeal
Salt & Pepper

You have to get the consistency thin! Best cooked in a small iron griddle. Let your grease get pretty hot. You need to replenish your grease after every one you make. (let it get hot again!) Then pour in another hoe cake! Let it get crunchy looking and flip it! Once cooked, you can layer them out on paper towels so some of the grease comes out.

David loves to eat these for breakfast with a tall glass of milk! It reminds him of when he was a kid and his Dad would fix this for him before school.


Lauren McCoy said...

Can you give the ratio of water to cornmeal?

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