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Sunday, January 04, 2015

My art pens and how I've organized them!!

For the most part, I do my art journaling and watercolor at home.  Then there are occasions when I am in the mood to take it with me everywhere I go!  Back when I was heavy into card making and drawing stamps for my Digital Stamp store ( I had my art supplies all over the place in my studio. I would save tin cans and decorate them with pretty scrapbooking paper and put all my pens and pencils in them.  Later, I discovered it's better to keep them all horizontally stored, no matter what!  With all the new pen sets I've gotten for Christmas I had to figure a better way to keep them horizontal and have the ability to grab 'em and go at any time!  So, I went on a hunt and found these caddies at Hobby Lobby!! Perfect! And if you use a coupon they are only like $7!

There are 4 compartments.  The bottom one is the deepest.  The 2 middle are somewhat shallow.  Then the top one is a bit larger b/c they lid allows it to be a bit fuller.

The ends pop together so, essentially you could keep building them on top of each other!

Here's how I've filled them!  In the first case, I filled the larger bottom box with my distress markers.  All 49 fit splendidly!

The next shallow box held my new 5" x 8.5" Moleskin like a glove!  Above that I have my Stablio super fine drawing markers set of 24 with room for a bit more.

Then in the top box I put my set of 36 Bic Mark It markers and with the extra space that the lid provides they fit perfectly!

Then my second pen caddy holds the following:  The bottom box holds my Gelly Rolls, Glaze, Glitter, Stardust, Meteor, and Metallic and a few other metallic pens too.

Then next box up holds my both of my Moonlight sets, bold and fine as well as my Souffle pens.  The next shallow box holds all of my scrubbers, sponges, fantastix sticks, paper stumps, daubers, etc.

Then the top box holds all of my Faber-Castell and Micron drawing pens, all of my white pens, my Sumo grip mechanical pencil and my (awesome) eraser!

Next up is my art tote (from Hobby Lobby) that I LOVE!  On this side you can see my collection of 48 Fiskars Gel pens, my scissors, my clip on Ott Light, 2 pack of fine drawing markers, a set of metallic watercolor paints, and my Koi (24 pan) watercolor travel kit.  In the middle I have my ruler, a couple of drawing inspiration books, 2 generic paint pallets and my set of 36 Prismacolor Watercolor pencils.  On the end are some small ATC paper packs and some water brushes.

On this side are my paintbrushes, and several more watercolor pencils.  I also have a few paper pads and journals in there.

My next tote box holds my Distress Ink pads, my black StazOn pad, a couple of Distress stains, 12 pans of Perfect Pearls, and a few tubes of iridescent acrylic paints.  Oh and my masking Frisket!

With everything I just showed you, that is 4 different things to take with you.  That would be for a long trip, like to my sisters for a week or so.  If I'm just going for a walk to do some sketching then I would condense everything to just my pencil, eraser, 2 drawing pens, my Koi watercolor travel kit, my water brush, and my paper pad.

Take care! Tiffany

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Susie Craft Happy! said...

I love it! Totally compact, neat and portable. Great idea!


Swr4him said...

You have just destroyed my day! LOL To post a page with all of these wonderful pens and information has put me on a frantic spree to gather all my pens, pencils, markers and then to Blicks to get what you mentioned that I do not have. LOL Seriously, I love pens and collect them more than use them. 2015 is going to rectify that situation. Thanks for the heads up on traveling with our goodies. I already have my sewing class items in a similar setup and never thought of doing that for my mixed media. I also recently picked up a canvas bag that I am going to "art" up and will send you a photo. Pinterest will soon have another category for viewing. Traveling w/art supplies. LOL

Tiffany said...

Thank you ladies!! Sorry to have destroyed your day! LOL, but I know what you mean! Some days I could spend half my time organizing my stash before I even sit down to actually be creative! Have fun with it and let me know about your Pinterest board when you make it!!

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