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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beaded Glasses Necklace!

As if I wasn't busy enough with 900 artsy crafty projects going on.  I decided to take some time out to do some beading!!  I made this 32" beaded string to hold my reading glasses!!  I wanted it to be pretty & colorful!!  The cool thing is ... you don't have to take the glasses off the loop in order to wear them.  You just put them on your eyes and then you have pretty beads hanging down one side of your face!! hehehe!!  Just a note: if you decide to make this for yourself, use light-weight beads if you have very light-weight glasses!  Another cool thing is... I added a lobster claw next to the loop so that if you wanted to wear it as a necklace, it's long enough that you could even double it around your neck!


Carol said...

Thanks for the cupcake & glasses beads. I'm giving it a try.

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