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Monday, January 31, 2011

Farm Friends!

Friday I spent a little bit of time with my friend Suzanne on her farm!  She has about 60 cows that are all "due"!  So things are quite busy over there!  Here are a few video clips to share with you! Sorry for the video being smaller, I shot it on my Iphone. I plan to go back this week and film a real birth for you! Would you like to see that? Or not?

Mama Cow and calf - just born the morning of this video! The baby is sleeping so good and mama is so gentle and caring.... aaawwww!

Baby Calf standing up! This little one is only 3 days old!

Cotton, the burrough does NOT like to share the treats (that is a mineral block he is chewing on!)

Feeding treats to Rositta and Hector (her son!)


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