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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fresh Baked Cookies with Copics!

I colored another image with my copics. I'm in my last week of my copic class and Colleen has been a great teacher! I think my technique has significantly improved!
I colored this image and then overlayed with colored pencils and the blender. I'm anxious to try the Odorless Mineral Spirits technique as well. You can see the colors I used here. I polka dotted her blouse with a white gel pen! =)


Nancy said...

This technique is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it. I was amazed to see you used the white gel pen to dot her blouse as I did that today on a Magnolia dress and thought maybe I was first, since I had never seen it done. Oh well, great minds, right? Great card.

Anonymous said...

I'm just getting started with Copics. This is gorgeous!

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