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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Studio Pics!

It's always an evolving project... my organizing and such! But here is what things are looking like right now! David built me some small shelves to go into some small spaces where there was wall space! All of my art supplies make great accents for the deers and turkey that are hanging on the wall!!

This was the leftover drawer that I took out of my copic storage cubbies. I had to use it for something! I keep random ribbon is these glass jars. David is now building me a shelf for all of my ribbon rolls! Can't wait!

You can see the turkey wing hangind down in the top corner! This little shelves have really come in handy! I like to be able to see all of my tools out in the open instead of being tucked away in a storage box. It's much more convenient too!

I keep more ink pads on these little shelves below the deer! I did a quick color reference for my little versamark chalk inks. Fun!

You can also see those black ink pads on the second shelf. Those are Ranger distress inks. They don't have a side label so I stamped a little leaf in each color for a quick reference so you can see your colors when stacked! They should really consider adjusting their packaging for this reason!! ;-)

You can also see next to the little chalk ink diagram a little paper covered tin can. That was a tuna can that I covered in paper and nailed to the side of that shelf. It holds my little finger daubers and sponges! Pretty darn convenient if you ask me!

To hold all of my tiny ribbon rolls, I used this kitchen appliance. It was made to hold onions, or small fruits in a nice way on your countertop! Well, I didn't use it so much so I "converted" it to a ribbon holder!! I love finding useful ways of using useless things!! Do you have any great inventions like this? I would love to see/hear about them! The stack of index cards you see is how I catalog all of my stamps. The ones in the baskets below have not been done yet!!!! I would recommend starting this kind of project as soon as you begin collecting stamps!! B/c now it has gotten away from me and is a dreaded project!

Here is where I store all of my clear stamp sets!! By the way, these are in no particular order. Hmmmmm.... still need MORE!! Coming soon I'll show how I store my red rubber cling stamps! Stay tuned!!


Cathy at Paper Garden Projects said...

Great studio Tiffany - love the windows (I only have one, but its right by my stamping table.

Love the Copic coloring too - great job!

Unknown said...

I have one for you Tiffany - I keep my unmounted stamps in a big leaver arch folder. I usually stamp the designs for the page onto white card and laminate it. Punch a couple of holds in it - then you can store them in the binder

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