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Friday, October 23, 2009

Photoshop Tutorial - Turn a photo into Line Art for a digital stamp image

Make digital stamps (line art) from your own photographs! This is my first try at making a tutorial. I hope ya'll get some use out of it! Let me know!! =) I used one of my own images! =)

photoshop line art tutorial - BEFOREphotoshop line art tutorial - AFTER

For this tutorial I'm using Photoshop CS3, but this lesson should work with most any version b/c it uses basic tools and filters. (I'm not sure about Photoshop Elements b/c I've never used it) This tutorial can work on most any type of photo, depending on what type of digital image you want to achieve. You can either isolate an object from a photo (like below) or, use the entire photo as a "scene" for a digital stamp image.

1. Let's start by isolating your object from the background of the image. Use your pen tool to create a new work path and select your object.

If you need help using the pen tool do a google search for a pen tutorial. Depending on your image there are other ways of selecting your object; such as selecting by color range. I find it easier to zoom in really close to select your image with the pen tool. Use your space bar to pan around the image as needed. Depending on the detail of your image this step could take a while, but will be worth it in the end! Here you can see my selection path!

2. After you have selected your object (by connecting the last dot to the first dot!) Then Save Your Selection as a New Path by dragging your "new path" on the palette down to the "create new path" icon at the bottom of your Path palette. It will name itself Path 1.

3. Next, Convert Your Path to a Selection by clicking the dotted circle icon at the bottom of your palette.

4. Then go back to your layers palette and hit "cmd/ctrl J" to duplicate your selection.

Name this layer "flower". (1)

Then create a new layer below the flower layer and fill with white. (2)

5. Now, you need to desaturate your image, that means remove all the color. At the bottom of your layers palette click the New Adjustment Layer icon (the half full moon). Click "Hue/Saturation" and slide the Saturation slider all the way to the left. This will make your image look black and white.

6. Your image may seem rather flat, so lets Add Another Adjustment Layer with levels to increase the contrast. Selects "Levels".

On the levels dialogue box the left black slider represents your shadows. The right white slider are your highlights. The middle grey is for your midtones.

I moved my shadows closer in to where the shadow information starts on the scale. I did the same with the highlights moving to the left.

Look at your own image and decide what looks best.

This will make better end results with the boost in contrast.

7. Let's put this new grayscale image on it's own new layer.

Hold Cmd/Ctrl and hit your flower layer and that will automatically select what you have on that layer.

Then do a Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + C and copy merge everything that is selected.

Then do a Cmd/Ctrl + V and paste and it will automatically paste onto a new layer. Be sure it is above all other layers.

You can name this new layer: "gray flower" or whatever you would like!! Your Layer palettes should look something like this:

Okay, lets start making this thing look like a stamp!! Now the real fun begins!

8. While you are still on the "gray flower" layer apply the "Smart Blur" filter.

Filter>Blur>Smart Blur

Set the Quality to High and the Mode to Edge Only.

These are the settings I used (above). You adjust your settings to fit your own image. Watch your image as you move the sliders.

Looking cool, huh? Now let's invert the image!

9. While still on the "gray flower" layer go to Image>Adjustments>Invert

Eeewww, groovy baby!! Stay on that gray flower layer, don't leave it yet!

Now, let's apply a black stroke to the flower!

10. Click on your Layer Styles icon at the bottom of your layers palette. (fx)

I used these settings below, but you adjust for your image!

Getting closer! Now let's define the edges just a little bit more! (still on the gray flower layer).

11. Filter>Artistic>Poster Edges

Nice! Now let's go the extra mile and make it awesome!

12. Let's apply the Cutout filter: Filter>Artistic>Cutout

These were my settings but you adjust for your image!

Remember every single image you ever do will be different!

Don't worry if you see lots of jiggly lines everywhere.

You can just erase them by using a white paintbrush (on a new layer in case you mess up!)

Tweak it as much as you want to!

Finished Image:

Enjoy this image for free! Download the full size PNG here. (Right click and "save target as")

I hope you learn something from this tutorial! I'll be doing more photoshop tutorials in the near future so stay tuned to my blog!

I would LOVE to hear your feedback on this tutorial and also to see what you have done with it. It will boost my confidence to make another one!! =) **grin**

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Memo Pad!

I made an extra memo pad for Laura! I made 3 coordinating cards and a stack of monogrammed memo papers. Again, the template is from Papertray Ink. The flower stamp on the card is by Impression Obsession from

Monday, October 12, 2009

Laura's Birthday Desk Set!

I can finally post this gift set since my sister now has her birthday present!! I made her a desk set with all kinds of goodies! She loves strawberry themes so of course I used my Flourishes Strawberry set! Here is a photo of some of the items, after I took this I made more goodies (see them below!)

I bought this cardboard L from Hobby Lobby and covered with the black and white paper (by theresa collins) Added a little strawberry to the corner and colored with copics, I used my nestabilities dies, and memento ink for the stamp and around edges.

I also made a pen cup out of a short soup can, used all the same materials. I bought some round barrel ink pens and covered them with the matching paper and glue on some jewels to the tops for decoration! I also lined the inside of the cup b/c you could see inside so easily.

This was her actual birthday card, of course to match the theme! For all of the red paper throughout the set, I used the bazzil glitter paper from Paper Garden Projects! I used an EK success edger punch for the wavy edge on the red paper. I also stitched the top and bottom and added little blue seed beeds.

The tray I also bought from Hobby Lobby in the unfinished wood section. I covered it in the pretty paper, I stuck some jewels on the ends and I also added jewels on the bottom to make little "feet" for the tray. That really added a delicate touch to the tray b/c now when you set the tray down it sounds like a little "clink" instead of a wooden "clunk".... =) Little touches!!

Then I made a card set with a neat little card holder template I found at Papertray Ink in their templates section! I made 1 card to match the strawberry theme and the other cards I made to all coordinate with each other! 6 cards in all! The parts that shimmer are from Shimmerz!!

I also made a sweet 3"x3" box to match the set! I used my Just rite stamp to do the monogram piece. I put red stickles around the edges of that and stuck tiny red jewels around the red scalloped circle. I also cut out paper ribbons and embossed them with a cuttlebug embossing folder and folded them and stuck them on with a diamond brad on all 4 sides. On the inside of the box I lined with fuzzy blue thread and stamped a sweet little mouse sleeping on a cottonball. I outlined that piece with red stickles too! I decided to add little jeweled feet to this box which gave it the perfect height to allow the pretty red scalloped border on the lid. I put one in the middle for extra support!

Then finally I made a pretty little notebook! I saw one similar on a blog somewhere and can't remember where (if you know, tell me!) Anyway, it was a mini composition notebook. I covered with paper, punched holes for the ribbon, added a pen to the side that can slide out! I added an envelope like pocket on the inside cover. I added little tabs for the fun of it! This was really easy and fun!

Sorry for such a long post, but I wanted to share all the details! If you want even more details, don't be shy! Just ask!
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