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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Wisteria & Baby Shoes!

The wisteria has been so pretty this year. It only lasts a little more than a week when it blooms then it's gone before you know it! I love wisteria b/c it's so colorful and vibrant, it smells so sweet, and you can hear it!! That's right!! It is swarming with big ol' bumble bees. Just buzzing and buzzing! For those of you who aren't familiar with wisteria. It grows WILD all over the south and can completely cover an entire wooded area with purple! On my Granny's dirt road it is completely lined in purple, from down in the ditches to the tops of the trees! To share with you how it smells, well, just think of lavender and add a bit more sweetness to it!

These pictures below are from our country ridin' we like to do on Sunday afternoons!

As I was photographing the wisteria on this old run down log cabin I looked down at my feet and saw this little baby shoe, as I looked closer I noticed there were quite a few of them hiding in the leaves and debris. In this photo I think I counted 1 dozen shoes. How many do you see? (click to enlarge)


Grannymama said...

They are beautiful flowers...I see them whenever I/we drive around here in Scottsboro, AL If they have them up north in Indiana, I never seen them. Waiting for the lilacs to come out...soon. I love them...reminds me of home on the farm where I grew up.

Suz said...

Awesome pictures, sure wish we had "smell" blogging, would like to smell what you are describing instead of just imagining it. Thanks for sharing~Suz

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