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Monday, April 04, 2011

Boat Ride with the Girls!

We took a boat ride Sunday afternoon and decided that b/c it wasn't too hot that we would take the girls with us!!! So I put their sundresses on and packed up some water, snacks, pillows, towels and all the necessities you might need when taking your babies on a little outdoor adventure! We had such a great time! It got a little toasty at some points. Luckily, I had my little mini parasol to shade the girls! This was their first time on a river boat ride and they both LOVED it! Francie wanted to be right up front where she could see everything! Emma, as I expected, stayed very close so it was very difficult to get a pic of her as you will see below.

We saw all kinds of wildlife along the way. But the most exciting moment of the day was when we rounded a bend and saw a 10 foot alligator sunning on the bank of the river. As we approached it slowly eased into the river. I had my camera totally ready, but goofed and missed the shot b/c I simply couldn't believe my eyes! My whole life I've heard of gators being around the swampy areas of the river. But this was the first time I've ever seen one!! It was so exciting! Sorry I don't have a pic! =(


Jan Castle said...

Simply adorable!!!!Hang on to those lovelies as the gator would snap them up in a minute!!!!

CHINI said...

Simply adorable! Take these beauties like alligator do in a minute!

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