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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

River Boat Ride!

We live very close to the Ogeechee River and we spend a lot of time playing on it! The river has been very full this year and so our "usual" sandbar is still under water. So, we've spent a few weekends just riding in the boat! This past Saturday we went a looong ways!! What fun we had!

What a Cottonmouth (water moccasin) we saw!!  This was a big ol' boy!  Sorry I didn't get a better angle so you could see his head better, but after circling him 2 times he was getting agitated so I just said "the hell with that!"  And no, I didn't have my zoom on, I was actually this close! --- Okay, so my arms were extended as far as possible! ▼

This dragonfly really liked our styrofoam cooler and he traveled along with us for about 30 minutes, finally another dragonfly came along and they took off together.  I wonder if they have a "home" or if they just keep wandering ... ▼

Along the way we were so lucky to find this sandbar!!   We spent some time checking it out!  We saw some really big deer tracks, lots of racoon tracks.  You could see where they walked into the shallow water, probably to wash their food before they eat it.  ▼

We even saw some little baby tadpoles in the edge of the water!! ▼


ger&timmy said...

ok that big 'ol snake creeped me out!!! yeah i'm not a big fan of snakes of any kind :(

took the boat ride with you and visted your sandbar for your date-nite bbq ~ might i say that you 2 seem to have alot of fun in your little corner of the world :)

love that house covered in wisteria ~ i've been trying to get a couple of vines growing but have not had the luck that that house has ~ neighbor across the street had a full blooming one this spring - OH SO pretty!!

geri :)

Courtney said...

Great pictures Tiff!

Anonymous said...


I love your photos and captions! I'll have to admit I'm not the crafter you are but I so enjoy your photography and I hope you don't mind me looking and admiring! I've actually tried some of your exposure ideas and photo tips and they have been very helpful. Thanks, Linda Gay (I love getting to see pictures of Tabby/Cornbread, also.)

Ruby said...

Wow, what fab pictures!!!!! It's great learning more about where you live, that snake looks huge!

Sump Pump Installation Conway said...

Great post, thank you.

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