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Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to layer Digi Stamps in Word

This digi stamp was originally offered as a freebie, but only for a limited time. View Cupcakes Digital Stamp in the Tiffany Doodles Digital Stamp Store!  Be sure to upload your TD digi stamp project to our Tiffany Doodles Flickr Group Gallery! It may be used as an example in the Tiffany Doodles Store!
Be sure to show me what you make with it!

So you have these cute images to build your own cupcake but not sure how to layer them in Word?  Well, it quite simple actually!  Just follow these steps! (click the images to view larger)
Open a new Word document and 'Insert Picture from File'.  This is where you will insert the un-decorated cupcake!
With the image still selected click on 'Text Wrapping' and then choose 'Behind Text'. (pic below)
Next, insert another image - let's choose the sprinkles!  Do the same step as above 'Text Wrapping' and choose "Behind Text'. (pic below)

Now, you can click on the sprinkles and move them into position with your mouse.  As long as the image is selected you can just nudge them using your arrow keys for precise positioning! (pic below)

Now, lets add a toothpick flag!  Repeat the steps just like above: Insert Picture, text wrapping, behind text. (pic below)


With your mouse and arrow keys, move it into position where you want it! (pic below)

You could be done with your image now! But, what if you wanted to add another toothpick flag and place it on the other side? Well, b/c of the way it leans it wouldn't fit right so what we need to do is rotate it to the left! Just insert the next pic and repeat the steps above.  Now, grab that green knob on the top of the image and rotate it until you like it! (pic below)

All done! You are ready to print and color!!  Let me know if this tutorial was helpful!!


*Alison* said...

Oh my heavens.. Tiffany.. this is just BEAUTIFUL.. and I love your tutorial.. :) Super amazing!!! I posted its been posted on the free digital stamp site too.> :)HUGS and Happy Valentines Day my friend..

Dawnll said...

thanks so much for sharing these instructions, they are very helpful.

Cheryl said...

Very helpful! Thank you for the tutorial and the freebies!

Karen said...

Thanks so much, Tiff! It is very helpful! Now I can make my things look as good as yours! You are so sweet! Karen

AnnW said...

I love the digi stamp and the tutorial! Thank you!!

Unknown said...

Tiffany big big THANK YOU im so into cupcakes lately lol and this one is fab and the Tut is brill will try bit later.

Tiffany said...

yeah! I'm so happy ya'll are liking this!! It makes me want to do more when I hear from people!! Thank you for taking the time to comment!! Cheers!

Heidi Brawley said...

Thanks very much for the images and the tutorial. I tried it out. I will have to do some more playing around till I get more comfortable doing so. But it was very helpful!!!! ~Heidi Brawley

Shelly Schmidt said...

Thanks- great images and fun tutorial- I look forward to trying it!

Bonnie Lynn said...

I just found your blog. What an awesome tutorial!! I just tried it out, and wow!! Is it ever so easy to do. Thanks for the step by step instructions.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the image and tutorial. I don't know if I have an older version of Word, but initially I had a hard time trying to find text wrap. After some playing around, I was able to put together the cupcake. Amazing. I saved the image to use later.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for all the comment love! Ya'll are making me want to make another tutorial!!

donna mikasa said...

Hi Tiffany! What a helpful tutorial....and it works!
I'll be sharing this on my blog very soon--it's too good not to share with others! Thank you!

Linda Brun said...

Thankyou. Very usefull for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany,
I finally get it--I think I can do this now. Thanks so much for the freebies--and your much needed tutorial!!! I need to practice Love your cupcake--so dang cute!

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