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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Watercoloring with Matte Fluid Medium & Watercolor Pencils

I've been playing around with this Liquitex Matte Fluid Medium and it is so useful in so many ways! Yesterday I discovered you can use it to watercolor instead of using water!! WHAT???  Yes, and when you use it on your bible pages you won't get wrinkles or pages curls!  Here is how I did it! (I would have taken more pics if I'd have known this was gonna work so great!  But I'll do it again!)

Normally, if you want to do any "watercoloring" on your thin bible pages you need to lay down a full coat of something like gesso, matte gel medium or the fluid medium and then put your color on top of that!  Well, I may have found a way to lay down your color first and then use your medium last!

First of all I drew my image with my waterproof pen!  Then I colored my image with my Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils.  Any watercolor pencils will do! The inktense are just so vibrant!  A note on coloring with the pencils, color lightly where you want the color lighter and color heavy where you want it darker.

Next step is the fun part! I got a bottle cap and added 3 drops of Liquitex Fluid Matte Medium, then I added 2 squirts of water from my mini mister.  This stuff goes a looooong way and even 3 drops was more than enough for these small items to paint.  I got a small paintbrush and mixed the water in really good.  Then started painting.  When painting start in the the lighter areas and work your way into the darker areas.  If you start in the darker areas and go towards the lighter areas you will pull the dark in and cover up your lighter areas.  So be sure to start in the lighter areas first!!  After dry, the last step was using my white gel pen to make some dots in the middle of the flowers!  All done!!  Be sure it is completely dry before you close your bible!

I plan to do more experimenting with this technique with fuller coverage of color first then fluid medium last!  When I do I'll take more pics, or even do a video, if you don't mind my terrible southern accent. (I'm trying to get over that fear!)

If you are interested in the Documented Faith facebook group, everyone is welcome to join us!

Oh, and if you enjoy using Distress Ink in a more traditional style of watercoloring, then you've got to come over to my Facebook Group  Distress Ink for Watercolor! We'd love to have you join us!

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Lucinde | Lucilight said...

That's a great idea!! I don't have any watercolor pencils, but I'll try to remember it for when I do haha. Until then I'm just using 'regular' pencils (but they're from Derwent too and they have a lot of pigment in them so they look pretty too :)).

Janine said...

This sounds awesome! So, you never actually covered the whole page in medium? And no wrinkles?! I have got to try this. Your art is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

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Emma Kate said...

Gorgeous! I love all of your artwork. Do you recommend any supplies for someone who is just starting out with Bible journaling?

Clipping Path Associate said...

Great art work. Thanks for sharing with us. said...

beautiful journaling - Michelle x

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