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Friday, January 16, 2015

Watercolor Hydrangea in a Ball Mason Jar

It's week 2 in my Documented Faith group and this weeks verse is  
Psalms 25: 4-5
Show me Your ways, Lord, teach me Your paths.  Guide me in Your Truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior, and my Hope is in You all day long.
I have been wanting to paint a hydrangea in a mason for a long time so here it is!  I really enjoyed it and after watching a few tutorials on You Tube I gave it a try!  I'm pretty happy with it for a first try.  I definitely need to work more on painting glass.  Not to mention, I'm really not happy with my lettering.  It just looks like my same boring hand writing to me.  I have signed up for a Lettering/Doodle class with Stephanie Ackerman and I'm looking forward to that!  I'm hoping it will help improve my hand lettering!

Here is my initial sketch that I started out with.  I was thinking about making this hydrangea into a new Digital Stamp for my store at Tiffany Doodles.  What do you think?
 I started with my Mason jar and painted wet on wet a turquoise blue. Again, need to work on my glass & water reflection technique.  I used a basic water color palette and mixed some of my own shades.  I drew the word 'Ball' on with my Distress Ink watercolor marker (fine tip) in Tumbled Glass.
 Next, I filled in the base color for my leaves. I used a sharp edge of my ruler to carve out the veins in the leaves.  I then painted wet on wet the base color for the flower.  Before I paint I try to erase some of my pencil lines so they don't show thru.  Ha!! On the flower, I couldn't even see them anymore so that was a waste of time, but I guess not, b/c it gave me a good silhouette to follow for the shape.
 Next, I painted in a few little flowers with a mix of Cerulean Blue and Purple.  I just guessed at the shapes!  It only takes a few to be in focus and then just swish your brush around a bit to fake a few! =)
 I added more depth to the leaves and did a few yellow dots in the center of some of the flowers here and there.  Then added a purple table!
 For the background, I wet everything with clear water right up to the edge of the flowers then dabbled some pink and blue, which made some purple shades in a few spots that blended.  I also painted the wings on my butterfly to give it a stained glass look.
 I went over my words with my Faber-Castell PITT waterproof pen.  On the butterfly (or maybe it's a dragonfly) wings I made tiny little veins!

 Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out (except for my hand lettering).  If you are interested in joining the Documented Faith group on Facebook, just send a request to join!

If you are interested in the Documented Faith facebook group, everyone is welcome to join us!

Oh, and if you enjoy using Distress Ink in a more traditional style of watercoloring, then you've got to come over to my Facebook Group  Distress Ink for Watercolor! We'd love to have you join us!

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Joyce's Journey said...

This is beautiful and inspiring!! Great job, including your lettering!!

Shannon said...

I think it is lovely and yes, I'd make a stamp out of the Hydrangea.

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