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Friday, September 09, 2011

Framed Hand Embroidered Fawn!

While I've been sitting with Granny alot more these days, I've been wanting to do some hand embroidery with her. But I couldn't find any transfers that I really liked over at Hobby Lobby.  I'm a creative person, surely I can think of something to draw out that I could sew!  It suddenly occurred to me that I could sew some of my digital stamp designs!! Hello! Why didn't I think of this before?!?! So I printed out a few designs that I thought would make for easy sewing since I still consider myself a beginner sewer! I decided on this skinny little fawn. (get stamp from my store here) I saw a photo a while back using lots of negative space and wanted to create a piece like that! And this is what I came up with! Hope it inspires you!

Click here to check out the Skinny Fawn Digital Stamp at Tiffany Doodles!  Or here for other fawn's I've drawn!


Digital inks said...

it was really nice work! thanks a lot for sharing with us :)

handmade in Italy said...

nteresting post, pretty much covered it all for me, thanks

Karen B. said...

This is adorable, just adorable. Thank you for opening up a whole new way to use digis. I'm excited to try something out!

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