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Monday, April 26, 2010

Contest! Name the Biddies & Win Digis!

I'm so happy I finally got some little biddies! A neighbor had these Easter chicks that they let me have!! David fixed me up a quick little chicken coop and we got a few supplies to get started! The girls are so excited about the biddies, they are obsessed with them! They have already learned their lessons about running the biddies and scaring them up! Now everybody is getting along splendidly! Once they become free range chickens in my garden shed yard we will see how that goes! For right now they are very happy little chickadees inside their coop! Here are a few photos to share!

I'm having a contest to name them!! Just leave a comment here (ON THIS POST) with your suggestions for 3 names!! The winner will be chosen by me & my family (a week from now)!!  The prize will be my cute little biddie digi!! (see digi at bottom of post).

Edited to Add: For those of you wondering... The biddies are colored b/c dye is injected into their egg before they hatch. It is very popular to do around Easter time and it is also COMPLETELY HARMLESS.

Edited to Add: And the winner is, Momof5kiddos! Congrats! We chose 2 of your choices! The purple chick will be Daisy and the yellow chick will be Buttercup! And my lovely Aunt Nella named the green one Fern! What a fun contest! Thank you to everyone who participated!


craftymom205 said...

Sunshine for the yellow one, Silver for the gray one, and Kelly for kelly green.

Linda said...

Yellow one - Lemon
Green one - Lime
Gray one - Soda

jan farnworth said...

the yellow one should be tweety
the grey one sylvester
the green one spike

Diane M said...

Huey, Dewey, and Louie

Diane M

scotlacey said...

just can't resist these cute little biddies. . .

Green - Good Golly

Grey - Miss Molly

Yellow - LIttle Missy

there you have, my ponderings. . . and do enjoy them.

I love all the other suggestions too.

Tink said...

AWWWS they are too CUTE!

Bell and

Diane Jaquay said...

How about Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod? That's from an old nursery rhyme in case you aren't familiar with it ;)

Kim160 said...

Akami - means wise one - Gray
Mamo - means yellow bird - Yellow
Elenola - means bright - Green

Whatever you name them, they are adorable.

Amy Schultz said...

The yellow one should be called "Lovey", the gray one should be named "Dovey" and the green one should be named "Lucky" (lucky that you are their new owners!). They are adorable and there are some great suggestions so have fun with your selection!

racinggrandma61 said...

I was thinking of eney, miney, and Moe

I was thinking of Eney, meaney, miney, and Moe but they are all so cute that there could not be one named Meaney

debb said...

How about click, cluck and clack?

Shannon - Desert Designs said...

Since you have girls and hens - what about after the Little Women characters Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy (I know there's 4 so you guys pick the three that fit best).

sopranoannie said...

Yellow - Sunny
Green - Lucky
White/Gray - Snow

They are all adorable, no matter what you name them.


Unknown said...

Ok they are all pretty

Helen Dooley said...

My daughter came up with these
Yellow- peepers
green- jelly bean
gray - smokey
They are adorable.

Anonymous said...


Diane Goolsby

agravette said...

Yellow - Custard
Green - Mr. Green Jeans
Gray - Petey

They are so adorable!

Elaine Wilson said...

My daughter had two chickens when she was growing up and she named them Kentucky, and Fried. LOL Every one thought that was so cute. Hmmm..what is a third name that could go with about Fried Too.
Kentucky, Fried, and Fried 2!!!

Anonymous said...

Birdie 1: Hey You
Birdie 2: Who me
Birdie 3 Yes You

lol They are super cute, I wish I could have three too ;o)

Scrapcat 1 said...

Huey, Dewy and Louie would be my choice

Nicole Brenna said...

How did you get a green chicken? Still thinking of names...

Ardilla said...

Yellow: Teely
Green: Pongo
Gray-white: Tootie

How is possible to have a green chick? First time I see one...

13pineapples said...

This brings back so many memories! We used to get colored Easter chicks & ducks from the "dime" store. Yes....many years ago. I as always facinated by the pretty colors.

Hennie, Pennie & Lennie
(Yes, Lennie is a girls name. My Grandmothers best friend was named Lennie)

Linda Peo. said...

How about Emerald, Topaz, and Diamond

mom2fivekiddos said...

I asked my kiddos, here are their picks.
Green- SweetyPie
Those were picked by my 8 year old son.
Yellow-The Yellow One
Green- Great.
Picked by my almost 3 year old son.
Picked by my 6 year old daughter.
My 16 year old is in bed, and the 1 year old doesn't have an
Thanks for the challenge, it was fun!

Crystal Smith said...

Winkin, Blinkin and Nod

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