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Monday, December 07, 2009

Been Busy Crafting!

I feel so bad for not having posted much lately, but I wanted you to know that I'm busy with lots of fun stuff up my sleeve! I'll be able to share some of it soon! But, some of it will have to wait til after Christmas b/c I'm crafting Christmas presents for my loved ones and they all read my blog! So you can see my perdicament (sp?)! =)

I thought I would share a few pictures I came across from last Christmas 2008 ...
This first photo is my 11' tree from last year!  It was Christmas everywhere you looked in my house last year! There wasn't one thing un-decorated!  Technically 2008 was our second Christmas in the cabin, but the first one with us living in it fully furnished and all.  2007 we were there but only had that red furnace and a blow up bed!

I made this yummy garlic cheese spread and then shaped it with my hands and stuck sliced almonds in to look like a pinecone, then finished it with rosemary sprigs!

This is me and my 3 girls!  From left to right; Emma (4 yrs), Isabelle (10 yrs), Francie (4 yrs)

While the family was there we grilled out and the girls got to have a little fun too! I let them really have at it for a few minutes, but I didn't want them to mess up their pretty Christmas dresses!! =)

Emma was really into it!  She did not want to let go!! =)


Anonymous said...

Nice photos! you have a beautiful Christmas tree and cute dogs!

Anonymous said...

Everything you touch turns into something beautiful!

grandmalee said...

OMG! These pics are just toooo cute! I love your babies' eyes on the last one the best! I just found my way here thru all of your stuff! Thanks for the freebies, too!

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