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Monday, August 17, 2009

Copic Marker Storage

I really needed some way to organize my Copic markers in my work space so that I could have easy access to them. So I ordered this Magpie cubbyhole container. It comes with 9 cubbyholes and a drawer in the bottom space, but I needed 12 cubby holes for my color groups. So I bought a piece of craftwood from Hobby Lobby and David cut it for me and made it fit perfectly inside the space where the drawer was! I painted it white to match and just set the drawer on the top for extra storage space. I have my handy Copic hand color chart for quick reference right on top! I just wanted a plain chart without any extra info on it so I made my color chart myself in Excel. If you'd like a copy just email me! I now have 238 markers!! Groovy!!




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Updated: My current (as of Feb 2010) Copic stash is now 279!


Silke Ledlow said...

WOW - Tiffany - your copic collection rocks!!! Aren't they fun to play with??? Hugs ~S~

Louise Forsyth said...

Wow!!! I saw this link and your pic on the Everything Copic forum. You made an awesome job of modifying.

Debbie said...

Hi Tiffany!! I saw your Copic set-up and chart on our Copic class forum. I can't wait for class to start tomorrow!! I would love a copy of your Copic chart if you don't mind. My email is

Lynda said...

Loved the cabinet you converted and I like your Copic Storage unit too.. I'm looking for storage for mine too. Don't you love the Copics class? I surely do..

Dawn said...

I would love a copy of your chart. I have my Copics set-up similiarly and have wanted to color in a chart as well. Might have to modify my Magpie holder though. My email is

Anonymous said...

is it too late to request a copy of the chart in Excel? My email is
Thank you.

Gungun said...

grat idea and thanks for sharing! i'm going to ask my hubby to do this for mine. is it too late to request a copy of the excel spreadsheet? much appreciated! my email is

Michelle said...

I would love a copy of your chart. My email is Thanks so much.

Urana Socha said...

Ok so i have bit of an addiction to pens and i have to take them eveeywhere with me. Right now i have about 1000 different color pens and would like to know if anyone can help me find a good way to carry them also they all have to be up right at all times it drives me crazy when there are lieing down please help me

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