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Sunday, February 15, 2009


This was also done with my watercolor pencils and my aquarelle brush pen. At Hobby Lobby I discovered hot pressed watercolor paper. I didn't know what that was before, but it comes in poster sized sheets and it's a much finer grain than the normal cold-pressed paper that most people are familiar with. It seems to allow for much finer detail.

My Dad came over for the day cause he wanted to check out Hobby Lobby. He only lives about an hour away in Savannah. They have a Michaels Craft Store there. Anyway, we hung out in there for a while in the art section. Then came home and watched a Susan Scheewe DVD on Painting Trees & Leaves. That was good. Then we both decided to do a quick little project together. We picked out a drawing of a tulip. We both painted and this is what mine looked like. Dad's was good too, he made his tulip red.
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